Brown Girl Comes Into Her Power in a Dystopian Future

Brown Girl Begins

It’s a minor miracle that any movie gets made at the best of times. This is all the more true when the filmmaker attempts something as ambitious as crafting an apocalyptic fantasy on a micro-budget.

For Sharon Lewis, the process of adapting Nalo Hopkinson’s novel Brown Girl in the Ring  was a nearly two-decades long journey.

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The Barbarians (1987)

The Barbarians-1987

Once upon a time, when I was a much younger self I saw a movie about twin beefcake barbarians trying to find a magical ruby and I loved it. Not so much for the muscle-bound beefcakes, but for the wise cracking outlaw chick who becomes their friend.

As the years went by, my memory of this fantasy cheesefest began to fade. The movie became lost to obscurity and I never thought I would be able to track it down again — until I stumbled upon it while wading through Comcast OnDemand. My cheesy fantasy loving heart couldn’t resist.

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