Ghost Stories Can Be Love Stories: The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor — Mike Flanagan’s follow up to The Haunting of Hill House — is framed around the art of storytelling, specifically the campfire delight of unravelling a good ghost story, the kind that gets under your skin and makes you jump at shadows. The show opens with a rehearsal dinner for a young couple about to get married. As family and friends sit around with their after-dinner drinks, they begin talking about the possibility of ghosts, leading inevitably to the telling of stories.

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‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Strives to Provide Hope

Unsolved Mysteries

The original Unsolved Mysteries began in 1987 and continued for 11 seasons before being cancelled in 1999, being aired first on NBC and then for two years on CBS. It was later resurrected by Spike from 2007 to 2010 (something I wasn’t aware of until just now).

The episodes features a host, who presented stories about cold cases, paranormal phenomena, and conspiracy theories — related through a combination of reenactments and interview segments from witnesses, officers, and other folks. At the end of each episode, viewers were urged to to get in contact with Unsolved Mysteries if they have any new information about the case.

Netflix has now rebooted the show, which launched on July 1st. The reboot features a slightly altered format, eschewing the host in favor of diving directly into the story. It also focuses more on interviews from witnesses and officials than on reenactments. As a result, this new iteration of Unsolved Mysteries foregoes sensationalism, feeling more grounded than what I remember.

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