The X-Files Rewatch: ‘The Jersey Devil’

The X-Files - The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil
Written by Chris Carter, directed by Joe Napolitano
Season 1, Episode 5


While driving down a wood enshrouded road in 1947, a family is surprised by a flat tower. The father gets out to fix the tire — when something comes out of the woods and drags him off into the dark.

The next day, a team with dogs searches through the woods for the missing man. They find him — partially eaten.

They also find something else, a creature said to be tall as a house. They begin shooting as it rushes toward them. A cacophony of gun fire.

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The X-Files Rewatch: ‘Conduit’

The X-Files - Conduit

Written by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, directed by Daniel Sackheim
Season 1, Episode 4


A family camps by a seemingly peaceful lake. A young boy and a teenage girl sleep by a campfire, while the mother sleeps within the camper nearby. Inside the van, the mother is suddenly jerked away by the violent shaking of the camper and a blinding white light. She scrambles to reach her children, who she hears calling for her outside. Grabbing the door knob, her hand is instantly burned by the hot metal.

Outside, her son tells her that Ruby (his sister) is gone. The woman calls out for the missing girl — eventually tilting her head back and screaming her name up to the sky.

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The X-Files Rewatch: ‘Squeeze’

The X-Files-Squeeze

Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong, directed by Harry Longstreet
Season 1, Episode 3


Yellow eyes peer out from a sewer drain, watching a business man walk unaware to his car. When the business man arrives at his office … something follows.

The wires in the elevator twitch, as if being climbed. The screws on a tiny vent turn, letting something inside.

The man enters his office and closes the door behind him. Watching from the outside, we see him thrown against the closed curtains — a struggle so violent, it cracks the wood of the office door.

Blood drips onto the generic carpet, splatters every surface inside. The screws of the vent slowly spin themselves closed.

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The X-Files Rewatch: ‘Deep Throat’

The X-Files-Deep Throat 10

Deep Throat
Written by Chris Carter, directed by Daniel Sackheim
Season 1, Episode 2


Police surround a house in a suburban community in Idaho. Mrs. Budahas rushes forward, because it’s her house. An officer stops her and explains that her husband broke security and stole a military vehicle. The police bust into the house and investigate, finding Mr. Budahas huddled in a corner, shaking and covered head to toe in unusual rashes.

In D.C., Scully meets Mulder in a busy bar, where he presents the case of Col. Robert Budahas, who was a test pilot at Ellens Air Base in in Southwest Idaho. He notes that Budahas disappeared (after the incident mentioned above) and that his wife has reported this to the FBI as a kidnapping — and yet, the FBI de-prioritized the case shortly after receiving it.  Since the case has, as Mulder says, “a distinct smell to it, a certain paranormal bouquet,” they’ll be traveling to the “Spud State” to investigate.

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